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Social Service Unit

Client Testimonials

“3a Medical group team approach is invaluable. My father is both anxious and paranoid at times and tends to be very controlling. Doctor from 3a MG worked with me to coordinate spot checking my father at night, as this is when most of his ‘problems’ occur. They truly know how to handle my dad and also understand what my mom is going through. We have tried many doctors but 3A MD is the only one that knows how to manage both of my parents needs.”

 Gail C.

“It has been wonderful working with 3A MD. 3a MD has done an excellent job of finding replacement care when something doesn’t work out. Even when that something is my mother! Ann Marie and Alexia are saints to be able to work with mom. I’m so glad to have chosen 3A MD.”

 Nancy T.

“3a Medical Group and staff are so good to me. MD is wonderful and brings me such joy.  Staff are very patient, pleasant, and attentive. MD chosen HA even stays awake with me and talks to me until I can fall asleep. Thank you for sending them to me.”

 Francis F.

“Knowing that 3a MD is  taking care of my mother makes all the difference in the world. I don’t know what I’d do without them. I’m going through my first major loss and they are my only peace of mind.”

 Phyllis W.

MD is amazing. He is so very kind and does so much for us. He always listens. They  (Staff) are both so wonderful and helpful. I don’t know what I’d do without them!”

 Nicole P.

“When my father was in a coma the only person he remembered seeing was our caregiver, 3A MD. He was a great comfort to him and as far as I am concerned, ‘Doctor from 3A MG is a godsend!’"

 Nancy S.

“Please don’t ever take my caregiver, and DR away.  I haven’t laughed this hard or enjoyed another human being this much in the last 20 years!  MD is my best friend.”

 Paula F.

“Where do you find your caregivers? It seems as if each person you send is better than the one before!  Even though I only call occasionally, you are always there and make our difficult times so much easier.”

 Joseph F.

“When I sit down to my Thanksgiving table this year, one of the many things I have to give thanks for is 3A Medical Group.  You are truly magnificent human beings and I am so grateful for you all.”

 Robert D., Esq.

"Our care manager was the only one who truly understood what it meant for me to keep my mother out of a facility.  3a Medical Group provided us with a home care plan that allowed me to keep the promise I made to her."

 Lynn A.

3a Medical group is really about ‘freedom’—mine, my father’s, and my mother’s.  Our cheerful and compassionate caregiver has given our entire family its freedom back."

 Doug B.

"I strongly resisted allowing someone else to care for my husband.  Now I don’t know what I would do without my beloved caregivers from 3A MD.  They have become treasured confidants and friends."

 Nancy D.

Professional Testimonials

"I love working with 3a Medical group MD..  As a geriatric care professional, I am confident in and comfortable with our working relationship. When we share clients, their staff managers go out of the way to respond to my emergency requests and keep me in the loop. I call them the 'Nordstrom’s' of home health care."

 Susan K.

"I am an expert in long-term care and financial planning. Suddenly my grandfather needed services. 3A Medical Group responded quickly with the most qualified caregivers and nurses I’ve seen. Thank you!"

 Michael FitzPatrick, Grandson and CLCT, Managing Partner of the LTC Partnership

3A MD discussion and education seminars are the best in the industry.  I always increase my knowledge of the latest techniques, and their engaging style makes learning fun!"

 Karen A., MSW, LCSW, hospital social worker

"When I can only make one call, and must know the request will be handled immediately and professionally…I call 3A Medical Group.  It’s all about trust."

 Tim Hodges, Vice President, CareOne

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